16 Feb Upgrade the Brain?

During the February 2016 edition of the Virtual Futures Salon (in partnership with NERRI Project) we were introduced to Neurostimulation and the different new ways in which we are seeking to develop and change our brains to perform longer, better and in more fun ways. It seems that after centuries of evolution we are resorting to the technological developments rather than letting evolution take its course.

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01 Nov Semi-Artificial Imaginations

The 24th October 2012 saw the first of a series of Virtual Futures Salon events. This was a very sexy event: held in the TROVE gallery, a very Berlin-style disused warehouse right in the centre of the city, and showcasing some of the strangest and most avant-garde art and thought happening right now.

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24 Oct The Future is Here

In the mid-90s, we fed on a diet of cyberculture. It was something exciting, different, and promised a future of the self far removed from a world of monolithic governments and corporations.

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