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Fit For the Future
04 April 2017, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Virtual Futures continues its mission to to reassert the significance of science fiction as a tool for navigating the increasing technologization of society and culture.

Join us for an evening that incorporates original reading, performance and live art to explore the possible consequences and impacts of the latest scientific developments have on our ontology.

This month’s theme: ‘Fit for the Future

How will technology transform with the human body? From embryo to corpse, what will be done to make humanity future-proof?  Surprise us and our audience with fictions – perhaps soon to be facts – concerning the interface between our anatomy and technology: from designer babies, to enhanced muscles, to mechanising the flesh and extending life –  show us your vision of what will happen to our mortal frame in the near future.

Virtual Futures has a long history of hosting a range of renowned fiction authors including Alan Moore (Author of Watchmen, V for Vendetta), Pat Cadigan (Queen of Cyberpunk and the Author of Synners and Fools), Arthur & Marilouise Kroker (Editors of CTHEORY), Hari Kunzru (Author of Transmissions), James Flint (Author of The Book of Ash), Rachel Armstrong (Author of The Gray’s Anatomy), Gwyneth Jones (Author of Bold As Love) and O(rphan)d(rift>). We look forward to having you join our distinguished alumni.

Authors & Contributors

Allen Ashley, Clockhouse London Writers and British Fantasy Society

L.P Lee, Advertiser

Stephen Oram, Science Fiction Author

Jule Owen, Science Fiction Author & Technology Consultant

Douglas Park, Visual Artist

Britta Schulte, PHD Computer Science at University College London

A. Umbra, Unknown

(Listed in alphabetical order by last name.)


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04 April 2017
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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Lights of Soho
35 Brewer Street
London, W1F 0RX United Kingdom


Virtual Futures